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Lead Actress Sought (Billings)

We are looking for an actress who will be playing a strong female character in our on-going video production. The actress will play the young, vibrant, blond trophy wife of a hedge fund manager during the future collapse of the stock market. (We do have a blond wig if you are not blond.) Later, the actress will need to battle her way out of a tanning salon as she frees other women from the Rhomboid Robotics factory.

Here is a teaser from some of our work on the production: Zombie Sex Bar - Teaser

Although the video is named Zombie Sex Bar, we are (as you can see in the video) engaged in pure comedy. In addition, we are seeking creative individuals who not only can act but help us develop the plot of the production.

Video Editing - (Billings)

If you have experience working with the following editing software (After Effects, Sony Studio, Hit Film Ultimate), you may be interested in our on-going video project in Billings. We are looking for an experienced editor and creative contributor to participate in the Kickstarter project we are presently designing - Zombie Sex Bar 2090. Although the title is suggestive, the thrust of the video is purely comedic. You can see a sample of our production here: on youtube

If possible we would like to see creative examples of what you have already produced, preferably on Youtube.

Your first efforts would be creating exciting video trailers that we can use in our Kickstarter project and possibly webisodes.